Ida Redford had the day off, and so whilst her wife and daughter went to work and school, she set to work watering the flowers on her parents-in-law’s graves. Her father-in-law Geoffrey was not a happy ghost when he haunted last night, so maybe this will placate him. She also greeted next-door-neighbour Kit Young on a walkby, thus fulfilling her “meet someone new” want, and then set to work getting her last body point, before heading upstairs for a nap about the same time Althea got home from school.

After been spooked by her grandfather in the early hours of the morning, Althea had been in near-aspiration failure all day. But she wanted to make friends with Orlando Centowski, with whom she double-bolts, and a date would be an easy way to platinum, so she met him down at Eastern Shores.

They got off to a good start, talking about what happened on the bus that afternoon, but before they’d even got past platonic interactions, Althea had to address her pressing hunger need. So they got seated, both ordered spahetti, and then, when Althea didn’t start eating hers the split-second the waitress set it down, Tosha Go walked over and stole it! I was so outraged I had to pause the game for several minutes before I could press play again and try and get Althea her dinner back, but with no luck. So Althea had to end the date and head home to get something to eat. Thanks, Tosha, for ruining that date…

Back home, Ida served up burnt pork chops, which were not a patch on the spaghetti Althea should’ve been eating…

Amelia got home from work and earnt the three charisma points she needs for her next promotion. Ida and Althea both did some gardening, and Althea did her homework too. By midnight, everyone was in bed, getting rested ready for tomorrow.

The Eddison kids all piled on the school bus, apart from youngest Aaron, who was getting potty trained and learning to walk. Whilst Daddy Mars spent the morning looking after Aaron, his wife Jackie got on top of raking all the levels for composting in the garden. Before we knew it, the teens (Jacynth, and twins Dani and Quinn) were home from school, and it was time for Mars and Jackie to go on a date, since Jackie’s aspiration had been in the red all day. Jacynth was about to head off to work, but Dani and Quinn could be trusted with a sleeping Aaron, and they’d be back before the primary school let out (IRL, they would probably have picked Reuben and Isaac up from school on their way home, because who’d really have a school bus in a tiny place like this?)

So Mars and Jackie headed down to the Cove, where they got Jackie’s aspiration up, got some food, and got mutual woohoo wants, which they then headed home to fulfil, about the time Reuben and Isaac both got home from school, in desparate need of naps. The whole house napped for several hours, apart from Jacynth, who was working. Then people started waking up and working on motives and homework. Mars taught Reuben to study (eventually - it kept dropping out of someone’s queue the first few times we tried) and Dani practiced her violin.

When the teens woke up in the morning, they got to work collecting all the leaf piles into the composter. No motives to fill, and no point wasting the precious two hours between waking up and going to school!

Belinda got home from school with low fun, and she and I decided a community lot visit was in order. Now, where would someone with an OTH of Film and Literature, and an avid member of the book club go? The Bookshop, of course.

As it turned out, no books were browed, read or bought, because Belinda ran into Gavin Newson. I think he should really be in the year above her at school, but perhaps he’s taking some classes with the Year 7’s because he got behind with all that changing schools, or perhaps Belinda takes English with Year 8, because she’s already way above Y7 level - the fact remains that Belinda saw him in English that morning, and so walked up and greeted him.

No bolts, but then Belinda’s turn ons are formal wear and underwear, so in the right circumstances, there might be something. Regardless, she can always use friends, and the book club is always looking for new members… They played some catch, and then Belinda headed home for a nap.

The rest of the family followed suit, and for a few hours, everyone was asleep (apart from Ned) who was still at work). Then homework was the order of the day for Belinda and Will, and Maeve made dinner, whilst Kenny invited over their two younger children - Sam and Florrie - for a family dinner. Spaghetti was eaten. The piano was played. The TV was switched on and off repeatedly. Belinda wanted a dart board, got one, and played darts with Granddad all evening. A good night was had by all.

At the Tuckers, we had drama even before the school bus came, as Kenny started a fire trying to make breakfast. Unlike their neighbours, the Friends, the Tuckers boast a fire alarm, so the fire briadge were swiftly dispatched (I’m just choosing not to think of the logistics of anything more than a Volunteer Fire Service out here in SSP, with an engine sent over from Town for the biggest blazes), and no harm done. Except to the pancakes, but Ned stepped in and made omlettes, so no one went hungry (some families wouldn’t care about eating burnt food, but for Kenny it’s Not The Done Thing).

Kenny and Maeve passed a quiet day of retirement, Kenny studying for a mechanical point he wanted, and Maeve gardening. Ned spent his morning jumping rope, and then went into work at lunchtime.

Everyone headed to bed when they got home from their outings, and at one point, everyone was asleep, until the toddlers all woke up at 3am and went downstairs to play.

Samantha woke up at 4am, also waking Peter, who went downstairs to pee, whilst Samantha showered. And then went into labour at the top of the stairs. Peter was the only one who got there in time to see the twins - James and Henry - being born. They were duly installed in bouncy chairs in the kitchen, and then Samantha got on with breakfast. James has brown hair and Henry’s blonde, so there should be no problems telling them apart… although I sense problems juggling bedrooms when they’re old, though…

I sent all the kids and teens out in pairs, as per the “buddy groups” they established on Monday, so first up were David and Gallagher, who went down to the Bookshop for some manly bonding. David gave Gallagher some throwing and catching practice, because the kid’s keen, and you can be sure his dad won’t have as much time as he did when David was a kid, Sharla just a baby, and Tommy non-existant, not to mention those twins who will be making their apperance any day now…

Later, Gallagher amused himself with their activity table (which he seemed to find very amusing - who makes bricks like that?!) whilst David grilled some hot dogs. Then it was dinner time, and then time to head home to bed.

You know somedays when there’s just too much going on to take decent pictures? Well, Tuesday at the Ottomas-Newsons was just one of those days. It seemed like I’d barely got the kids on the school bus, when it was pulling up again, to bring the teens home, and all anyone had done was to feed all three toddlers, and stick them on the potty.

Peter and Samantha managed to catch a rare moment alone together in the kitchen, just after the kids had all gone to school, and whilst Peter would’ve dearly liked to date his wife, there was only time for a quick game of red hands before Samantha had to go off and tend to her motives, and Peter had to start potty training and bathing toddlers. He ended up having to walk to work in the end, leaving just as the school bus pulled up with David, Gavin and Ginger, all with very low fun, and Dani Eddison and Kizzy Young in tow.

Ginger got to work befriending Dani, and David and Gavin both got their fun up by tossing a football, but it seemed they’d barely started when David’s carpool pulled up. Then before I knew it the kids were home from school too, and everyone needed to pee and sleep, Gavin and Ginger included. David got home with a promtion at six, and then he too headed upstairs for a nap.

When everyone woke up in the early evening, it was time for outings!

I decided to play the Ottomas-Newsons an aging off Monday before their Tuesday, since it was the easiest way to keep their seasons in synch, and let them settle in a bit before everyone had to rush to school. After everyone had got makeovers, Dora and Samantha got on with breakfast, everyone fought over bathrooms, and the teens made a start on the toddlers’ potty training.

As the day progressed, I saw a definite buddy system emerging - Ginger, Sharla and Georgia; David, Gallagher and Tommy; and Gavin, Gabriella and Garrett - so I’m running with it. It makes sense, in a big family, that the older kids would pitch in with the younger ones, the teens can help the kids with their homework, and the kids can play with the toddlers and teach them nursery rhymes.

After breakfast, most of the kids went outside to play, mostly on the play equipment, but Ginger and Sharla both wanted to be friends with each other, so they played together and made friends sometime in the afternoon.

The rest of the day was general big family craziness, coupled with routing fails that I still don’t quite understand. The house was built as two two up/two down cottages, which had both been extended and then turned into one house, without removing the internal dividing wall, for structual reasons. Consequently, the only (sensible) way to go from one part of the house to the other is through the door joining the study and living room (downstairs), or the toddlers’ room and the boys’ room (upstairs). But sims being sims, they would much rather (even in the pouring rain) either go out into the garden from the kitchen and back in again in the little back hall off the study, and then into the living room (rather than from the kitchen, into the study, and then into the living room); or out one front door, and in the other. Sims!

Peter went to work. Dora and David both went to work before I could even think about the posibility of them quitting. I guess David must still have his job in Town, from when they lived there before they started fostering the Newsons. Everyone went upstairs for naps, until Gavin was the only one awake, with three toddlers all needing to be sat on the potty at the same time, but he managed it, and no one had any accidents.

Gabriella wanted to play with Sharla, but picked a two high interaction and got it rejected, sending her aspiration into the red, and then the only wants she would roll were ones to get an A*, make a best friend (does she even have any friends yet?) and talk to and play with Tommy. Who was asleep. Consequently, she wandered around all evening in near-aspiration failure. At one point, she must’ve smashed the dollshouse, even though I didn’t see her do it. So looks like we’ll be needing a new one of those, because Tommy cannot get enough of it. She did eventually get to fulfil her wants, around midnight, before heading off to bed, with a slightly more safe aspiration level.

The aspiration level of the Newson twins was another matter, however. Tommy, having parents, rolled several wants to interact with them, which were eventually fulfilled when they had time, but both Georgia and Garrett want to learn to talk, learn to walk, learn and nursery rhyme and get potty trained, which no one has time for. They will eventually get potty trained, so they’ll be alright then. In the meantime, if someone has a mintue, I’m having them try and teach a few bars of the nursery rhyme, because even the kids can pitch in on that.

In the morning, Samantha was the first to wake up, because the Ottomas twins were making their presense known with the second pregnancy pop. This time tomorrow morning, the house will be filled with even more chaos!