95mmaa replied to your photoset:So, on Peni’s advice, I had Marco and Electra…

Hold on! I don’t see why Electra needs to drop out? Since Marco is graduating before her, move the baby out with Marco, let him raise the baby until Electra graduates and joins him. Marco’s family could help him too.

Because Electra’s a Family Sim with a non-career LTW (Marry off 6 Kids). She didn’t come to Sim State for a degree; she came for Marco. And I really can’t imagine her working towards a degree she never really wanted anyway, when Marco + baby are waiting for her at home.

So, on Peni’s advice, I had Marco and Electra invite over both sets of parents, to talk through their options. I think the current most likely solution is going to be to have Marco and Electra get a residence together next semester, and raise the baby together until Marco graduates, and then for Electra to drop out when he graduates, and the two of them to move in with Marco’s dad and step-mum, which is where I wanted them to end up eventually any way. The original plan (before Electra got pregnant was for Marco to move back in with his parents after he graduated, and then Electra to join them after she graduated (perhaps giving in to her sister’s persuaison to join the sorority in the meantime).

To start with Electra and Jade (Marco’s step-mum and also Electra’s aunt) hit it off well, the conversations seeming to go along the lines that of course it was okay for her and Marco to move in with Jade, Mark and their adopted daughter/Mark’s great-niece, Molly. But then Jade made some joking comment about Electra eventually being the size of an elephant, which got her back up, and so she responded with something along the lines of “and how would you know - you’ve never been pregnant” which I think probably struck a nerve with Jade. If you asked her how many kids she’s got, she’d probably tell you seven - Mark’s five kids from his first marriage (they’ve been married four years, and the kids are all teen and above, but she considers them “hers”), her adopted daughter Jeannie (who’s an adult now, and Jade adopted her when she was a toddler) and Molly (Mark’s late first wife’s niece’s daughter, who lost both her parents in a car crash two years ago, so Jade and Mark adopted her) but Electra’s right; she’s never been pregnant.

When Electra’s parents had arrived, Marco called them all inside for some breakfast. By the looks of the conversations over the pancakes, Jade’s the only one who seemed to have any concerns about Electra possibly dropping out (but then again she could have just been asking for clarification that Marco will get his degree), and everyone else mostly talked about unrelated stuff. Egan and Miriam (Electra’s parents) also had a lengthy debate about the importance of football in their future grandchild’s upbringing. No one mentioned the “B” word.

It’s far from clear where they should go from here, but I think I’ll have Marco and Electra get a residence together next rotation (when Electra’s due) and go from there…

Electra wakes up, and then immediately throws up. It doesn’t take her long to figure out this isn’t due to the food at the diner last night being off. She’s pregnant. Now what does she do?

Jemimah somehow managed not to get photographed all day - I’m afraid she got rather neglected this sub-rotation, but hopefully they’ll be time for her to date Steve next rotation. Noah and Sharla enjoyed a quiet day in their relatively uncomplicated relationship. That said, I’m seeing parallels between Marco and Electra and Electra’s cousin Honor Newson, and her husband Gallagher. They too had their first child when they were still students, and six years later, little Frankie has four younger siblings. If Marco and Electra are Honor and Gallagher (so to speak), that makes Noah and Sharla the Isaiah and Gabriella of this age cohort (relatives/roomates got pregnant young, so they were always really careful with the birth control). As you can’t be expected to remember, Isaiah and Gabriella are now raising toddler quads. So don’t get too complasent, Noah and Sharla!

Right now, it’s time to invite over the parents, and see what they make of Marco and Electra’s news…

At Odds and Ends, it was time for Marco and Electra’s first date since Marco came to college, nearly three years ago. They’ve really missed each other.

I sent the two of them to a new campus venue I’ve recently built - the Sim State Diner. I wasn’t sure how a resturaunt on campus worked, but everything seems to be fine, except about half of the dormies perfer sitting down at tables to do assignments than waiting to be seated and having something to eat. This didn’t seem to bother Marco and Electra, though - they only had eyes for each other.

Before long, they had mutual first woohoo wants, and so headed home. They were just falling asleep, post-woohoo, when (because I have InTeen) I heard baby chimes! Now what do we do?

Steve Benson enjoys a quiet day alone in a house which really ought not to be called Brothers and Sisters anymore. He boosts his social by calling Jemimah Tomlin, whom he dated yesterday, goes on a hike, paints, continues working towards his goal of getting fit, and of course gets another hair cut (Steve changes his appearance every morning. He may stick with the hairstyle he has on the day he falls in love with Jemimah, but then again there’s a lot of awful hairstyles coming up for the next few days, so perhaps Jemimah and I will overrule him on that).

At the Sorority, everyone was platinum, except Avis, who’s had a locked “woohoo with Hudson” want since last rotation. So date time it is. Some mutual want fulfilling, leftover grilled cheese for lunch, and then Hudson has a woohoo want to match Avis’. So they went upstairs to bed, where a cheerleader, fresh from a fight with the cow mascot that no one paid any attention to, followed them to cheer. Only in sims…

Meanwhile, the I mostly free-ranged most of the sisters, letting Georgia fulfil her want to make friends with Noah (so that’s 2/4 incoming freshmen she’s friends with now) and concentratedly kept her away from the dating couple, as she’s just realised she tripple bolts her niece’s boyfriend, and we are so not going there. She and Joshua have only just sorted things out, and so chances are she wouldn’t even act on those feelings, even if Hudson weren’t her niece Avis’ boyfriend.

The second day at the Frat was a mostly quiet one. Garrett was at class in the evening when I opened the lot, and Hudson passed the evening with some kareoke and doing the school cheer with the llama mascot, whilst Isaiah blogged, and then headed off to bed early. Garrett came home with a want to make some pottery, which when fulfilled rolled over into a want to write a term paper. He started one, but soon had to abandon it in favour of going to bed in order to get on a vaguely normal sleep schedual.

In the morning, Isaiah and Hudson both had early classes, and Garrett got his social up with a phone call to his oldest brother, before completing his term paper. In the afternoon, I mostly free ranged the boys, and they blogged, had some lunch, watched TV and played pinball.

The most exciting moment of the day was when I lightning strike set a tree on fire just as I was about to save, and then it stopped raining. Luckily, a crisis was averted by getting Isaiah to call the fire brigade, and then sending all the boys to pee, just so they were out of the way. The firefighter put the fire out before anyone could even run outside, so all is well at the Frat.

Odds and Ends: Marco Hutchins, his girlfriend Electra James, her cousin Jemimah Tomlin, Sharla Ottomas, and her boyfriend Noah Creech (also Electra’s cousin).

As Electra, Jemimah, Sharla and Noah were all brand new freshmen, it meant that when I opened the lot (having just moved them in, sorted out their wardrobes, and declared majors for those with career LTWs at the start of the rotation) they all needed to eat and pee. So Sharla made dinner, and we did some serious bathroom juggling, before everyone sat down to eat, even Marco, who wasn’t hungry, but sat and chatted to the others as they ate, because his social was low.

It was already evening when I opened the lot, and so for the rest of the night, I mostly free-ranged everyone. They all went to bed at some point, and Noah was up and raring to go for his first class at 8am. When he got back, he had a date want, and it’s so long since he and Sharla have dated (I think actually they might have only ever dated once, when they first started going out) I decided to oblige them, and send them out. Marco’s started a tradition of having photobooth photos of every resident in the house, so one objective of their date was to find somewhere with a photobooth, so they could take their pictures.

First, they went down to the SU, but there was no photobooth, so they fulfilled a few wants, and then moved on to the University Way Shops. Where there was also no photobooth (I really do need to give all these lots a makeover). Whilst they were there, they fulfilled some date wants, to the point that they both had woohoo wants, but by that point, their hunger needed addressing, so back to Patience Island and FM, as it’s about the only place I know for sure has a photobooth!

Lunch, photobooth pics, and then home, for their first ever woohoo. Meanwhile, at home, Marco and Jemimah were making friends, hanging out in their PJs, and Electra was painting. Whilst they’re at college, I need to wean both Noah and Electra off painting - they both come from families which were struggling to make ends meet, and consequently they painted a lot, because it helped their families make some money, and they’ve got into a cycle of constantly rolling “sell a great painting” wants. Hopefully whilst they’re at Sim State, Sharla and Marco can show them that dating can provide them with better aspiration points in the long run.

Jemimah and Electra, both with non-career LTWs, went to their first undeclared major class, and came home with wants to declare majors (I think it was Jemimah - History and Electra - Literature, but it could’ve been the other way round), so they declared those, and now everyone has a major, and Odds and Ends is all set for the rest of the semester.