Mary went to bed about 5am, so when Ash left for school, Val was the only one awake. He got on with the cleaning whilst Mary and Leo slept, since he wanted to ask Mary on a date, and knew she wouldn’t agree unless all the housework was done. He does sometimes wonder precicely why they have a maid if he’s going to end up doing all the cleaning to stop Mary doing it, but there you have it.

Consequently, Val was just about ready to ask Mary on a date at about ten, when Leo decided now was the right time to fill his diaper. By the time Mary had got him fed and changed (I was going to make Val change him, despite his fear of it, but I decided sorting out his hunger bar was a more efficient use of his time) it was getting on for twelve. Date time, nevertheless.

Ash arrived home when they were just about getting to woohoo wants, and whilst they stopped to cheer his A+ (it is seriously far too hard to get good grades in this game), Ash was worn out and headed up for a nap, leaving his parents to fulfil their woohoo wants. No try for baby, since neither of them have the want, but this house is feeling very empty now, so if Mary doesn’t roll the want when Leo grows up tomorrow, I might have to do something about that…

All was well in Hartland, with the house spilling over with Harts and Lands, gathered to celebrate the birth of Val and Mary’s second son together, Leo. Everyone was on funny sleep scheduals, but that only really matters for Ash, since neither Val nor Mary work (which may prove problematic in the future, since they have less than 4,000 simoleons to their name, and Val’s pension can hardly be expected to cover the upkeep of the Hart estate, and the feeding and clothing of two growing boys), Goldie’s off to college in the morning, and of course Leo will never be on a reliable schedual until he hits school age.

Everyone was wide-awake with full energy at 9pm, so, as the gathering broke up, Val taught Ash to study, and Mary tended to Leo, who needed changing after Goldie fed him a spoilt bottle. Goldie doesn’t like Ash or Leo much, so I’m not entirely convinced this was just an innocent mistake… Homework done, and Val took Ash down to the Swimming Hole, where he swum, played red hands with Daddy, had a hot dog, and failed to greet his nephew, Ad.

First thing in the morning, Goldie called for her scholarships and headed off to Widespot College. She’s had a rough teenhood - first moving all the way out here, then Angel dying, then all the stuff between Mary and Candy, and two little brothers she never really wanted, and then her two “proper” siblings both moving out. Hopefully college will be a little kinder to her…

I’ve hit a sim-equivalent of writers block in Sand Simoleon Point - I suddenly discovered that Althea Redford’s due to go to college next rotation, and started building two rival universities, Redbrick and POLY-U, but I’m rather uninspired when it comes to the building, so… time for a Widespot break!

It was Virginia Beech’s last night at home, and she threw her off to college party, inviting Junior, Dixie, Goldie, and Woody. Because that’s not a disaster waiting to happen… Although Woody is techinically only dating one girl at a time - Goldie at the moment - he still has love tags with both Dixie and Virginia. Also, Hamilton saw him dating Goldie last rotation, so I had a job keeping him occupied enough that he never had time to decide which one he’d most like to slap.

Woody started out by telling Goldie numerous dirty jokes, but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) that was as far as it went. Everyone came in for dinner, including River, whom Rocky greeted on a walkby. Soon after dinner, I think Woody must’ve taken himself home, because I couldn’t find him anyway. Everyone else played darts and kicky bag, and exchanged dirty jokes, until the party ended up as a Good Time, and everyone headed home or to bed.

Virginia called for her scholarships (just the grades one, and the logic one) first thing, and then her family saw her off in their pyjamas as she got in the taxi which will take her to Widespot College.

Rocky and Rainbow headed off to school and Hamilton to work, and Sandy was left home alone, where she proceeded to get on top of the housework - three bathrooms to clean, five beds to make, the kitchen to clean, stray papers to pick up. In the middle of it all, Daytona’s puppy Pebble grew up into a rather large dog, and proceeded to put his new found size to the test by knocking the trash can over.

Rocky came home from school with a townie, Merlin Gray, who has such an awesome name I forsee sending him to Widespot College in the future. Whilst Rocky got himself the last hamburger in the fridge for dinner, Merlin sat down and played chess with Sandy,

Rainbow came home from school with homework, but she was too tired to get to it straight away. In fact, when I saved at 6pm, the whole family (apart from Pebble, who was outside defending his teritory from intruder Rover) were fast asleep.

The kind of day the Eddison’s had was not particuallarly conductive to picture taking, but nevertheless enjoyable. The kids headed off for school, and Jackie and Aaron enjoyed a leisurely breakfast whilst Mars got his motives in order ready for work. Before long, the teens were back, and whilst Jacynth had to go out again almost immediately to work, the twins got their fun up by playing violin (Dani) or video games (Quinn), before having naps about the same time the little boys got back from school and decided naps were the order of the day too.

In the evening, much gardening was done. Dani gained about three creativity points from her violin. Reuben did his homework. Quinn didn’t. Isaac played pinball, since Quinn won’t let him play his video games. Aaron got underfoot, and eventually bathed by Mars. Everyone eventually got off to bed, with Quinn and Dani being the last, after Quinn tried to teach his sister how to play Fifa. Dani thinks she’ll stick to the violin…

When I saved at 7am, Jacynth was just begining her homework, and Quinn was too busy playing the Sims 3 to notice his…

At the Tuckers, both Kenny and Maeve had low aspirations and fairly unfulfillable wants, so date time it was. I sent them down to the Bookshop, since it has free food and sofas for making out. Kenny and Maeve made good use of both, and ended up woohooing in Kenny’s truck, because they just couldn’t wait until they got home.

Back at home, when Belinda returned from school, she tried to organise the first ever meeting of the book club, but no one was good enough friends with her to agree to go out, so instead she focused on befriending the eldest member and therefore probably the president, Althea Redford. Will came home from school and went straight to bed, getting up later for dinner which he shared with his parents, and then homework. Ned came home too worn out to do anything other than eat dinner and go to bed, but Rosanne found time to play red hands with Will to get his fun back up after homework, before she too had to go to bed.

Belinda was the last one to turn in, after watching a film and then reading the book to compare, at about 3am.

Wednesday at the Ottomas-Newsons was crazy. But then what do you expect with an elder, two adults, three teens, three kids, three toddlers, and two babies? The kids all got out to school pretty much on time, Samantha didn’t go to work, and Peter and Dora both had days off, which made things a bit easier. Also, Ginger finished potty training 2/3 toddlers before heading off to school, and then Dora potty trained No. 3, so that’ll make things a lot easier. Which is good, since James and Henry seem to be in for synchonised screaming and diaper filling.

Before long, the teens got home from school, all with plummeting fun, and the boys had homework too. David only had an hour before he needed to go to work, so Gavin tried to help him with his fun, with little success - since they’re not anywhere near friends, kicky bag was about the best they could do, which didn’t even get David’s fun up to half way before he had to go out to work. When the kids got home, they went straight upstairs for naps, and Gavin and Ginger followed them soon after.

Toddler care happened depending on whoever was closest - when the toddlers were hungry I sent them crawling into the kitchen where whoever was around would put them in their highchair and give them food. Samantha bathed all three toddlers one after the other. There were quite a few log-jams, since the landings are only one tile wide in most places, but nothing more serious than two toddlers trapped in between Peter (who wanted to get out of the bathroom) and Dora (who wanted the toddler furthest away from her).

Everyone got their homework done, with the teens teaching the kids to study. All four potties got emptied. The fruit trees got tended to. Everyone slept at some point, but not at the same time (most people were in bed by 1am, but Dora didn’t get upstairs until 3, and Garrett was redlining energy but reluctant to leave the activity table when all the kids and teens woke up at 6), and everyone looks to be in good shape for work/school tomorrow.

At the Friend’s, Steve didn’t have to work until the afternoon, so he spent the morning playing the piano, whilst Orla was at work, and the boys were at school. Then he headed off to work, around the same time Silas came back from school with Kizzy Young in tow. He put her into a causal group, and then the two of them went down the hill to Eastern Shores for football and lunch. Then Silas had to head home to nap.

Orla and Thad got home at the same time, and whilst Thad headed upstairs to nap, Orla decided to invite household on her sister Jasmine, and have a barbeque. She made hamburgers on the grill, and she, Jasmine, Cal, and the twins Delphine and Pandora, all got some food, as well as Silas when he woke up from his nap. The boys were just starting to play with their cousins when Jasmine and Cal both decided it was late, and each took a twin home. Oh well - just have to start the gathering earlier next time.

The rest of the evening and night was a quiet one - Orla got on top of the cleaning (no mean feet in a house with six floors and four bathrooms), Steve came home from work with just enough energy to tend to his other needs before bed, Silas cleaned up from the barbeque and played some pool before bed, and Thad jumped rope in the middle of the kitchen.

Sam Tucker woke up late, not having to work until 9pm, and wanting a date and a woohoo. He only has one bolt with Poppy Wray, but that’s as much as he has with anyone right now, and they’re already good friends, so that gave him a bit of a headstart.

He took her down to the Cove, and they got the date of to a good start, tickling each other, telling jokes, flirting and slow dancing. Eventually, however, they got stuck behind eat out wants, so Sam took her across town to The Ship’s Inn… where the eat out wants promptly rolled away to be replaced with firt, appreciate, hug and kiss wants. That’ll do.

After their first makeout, they still weren’t quite at the woohoo point, so Sam took her home, where, after getting in and out of the hot tub several times, they finally rolled woohoo wants… and the game wouldn’t let them woohoo. Anywhere.

I think it was probably because, although Poppy was in love with Sam, he wasn’t in love with her, since he fell in love with her during the date-ending kiss.

Oh well. Next time.

The rest of Sam’s day was very un-photogenic - lunch, nap, work, dinner, and then he finally rolled into bed at about 5am.

Logan and Nate both had to work today, so until 3pm, I was sat watching their dog, Terry. Who peed on the floor, because no one was there to tell him not too. Then Nate got back at three with a promotion, made himself a sandwich, and then headed to bed about the same time Logan got home, and also went to bed.

When the boys woke up, Logan wanted to befriend Florrie Tucker, so he invited her over and followed her around and told her jokes, tickled her, and admired her. All totally platonically. She brought her “friend” (I can’t recall them ever having met) Jan Tellerman along, and she sat and watched the cooking channel with Nate, who wanted a skill point. No bolts, though. Nate didn’t seem particuallary inclined to get his first woohoo with Logan’s sister Iris, so I let it slide. Maybe he just doesn’t want to do it in the same building as his housemate…

The boys both headed to bed around midnight, so they were up bright and early and ready for work the next day.

Cerys Parry was the last in the household to go to work, and she broke the sink just before she left, so by the time Iris got home from work there was a flood in the kitchen. She repaired the sink, but left the mopping up to Cerys. When she woke up, Iris called Nate Howell, and asked him on a second date. Since she was hungry, they went to the Ship’s Inn, and as soon as they had a safe number of hours on the date metre it was time for dinner.

After dinner, Iris tried to talk Nate up to a mutual woohoo want, but they’re still not good enough friends to get to the makeout stage. Next time, for sure.

When she got home, Iris had a second dinner with a co-worker, and Cerys headed out on a date, her third date with townie Brandon Lillard. They also went to The Ship’s Inn, because Cerys was also hungry. But, unlike Iris and Cerys’ cousin Nate, Cerys and Brandon did manage to get to the woohoo point.

I feel like I’ve neglected Florrie today, but she’s so easy to please - she likes working, studying for promotions, playing chess and gardening. None of which are particularly photogenic. And she’s not too fussed about realtionships, so if Logan Wray wants to date her, he’ll have to work at it from his end.