The Danny James’: Danny and Abby, and their son Bowen.

Since Danny had the day off work, the little family had a quiet stay-home day, looking after Bowen, playing with the dog, and playing on the computer (Danny) or flower arranging (Abby).

Abby got a call from her twin brother Jed, at which point I discovered his childhood nickname was Smarts, and Abby’s seriously piling on the pressure for him and Taegan to start a family, so Bowen can have some cousins on their side of the family to play with.

Danny threw Bowen’s toddler birthday, but he only got two invites, so he invited his triplet brother and sister, Olly and Milly, and then Abby also invited her brother Jed and sister-in-law Taegan again. Apart from everyone’s tendancy to gravitate towards the swings outside rather than the party inside to start with, the party went well, and Bowen grew up at six into a cute, if not a bit bland, mix of Mummy and Daddy. Both Danny and Abby now have baby wants, but I’m going to make them wait until Bowen goes to school before they have any more children, so that the spacing can ensure they don’t end up with dozens of kids, and also so they can have pleanty of one-to-one time with each kid, which is something neither Danny or Abby had growing up.

The Londons: Randy and Sienna, and their daughter, Adie-Makayla.

Today at the Londons, it was really all about chess. Adie-Makayla woke up, alone for all intents and purposes since Daddy was still asleep, with critically low fun, and a want for a logic point. Chess it is, then. I’ve never really watched a chess game for any length of time before, and so it was adorable to see her playing chess as a five-year-old with no logic points would - spending most of the time concentrating on taking the pawns, and bringing all four knights out, so that it made a pretty pattern.

Sienna got home at nine with a promotion, so she now works school hours, so Adie doesn’t have to be with a nanny for an hour before Randy gets home. Adie was clearly very happy about this, as she abandoned her chess game to go and hug Mummy, just as Daddy got out of bed to eat dinner. The three of them ate together, and then Daddy offered to teach Adie how to play chess properly.

Randy has ten logic points. Adie-Makayla has none (although she gained five in the course of the game), so the outcome was inevitable, really. Adie did stall quite a lot, by cheating whenever she thought she could get away with it (which wasn’t often - Randy’s pretty sharp), and I had great fun watching her make lots of rookie mistakes - falling into Randy’s traps by taking pawns and then getting her (more important) piece taken. I then watched Randy attempt to checkmate Adie with only a rook, a bishop and a handful of pawns, and then the progression of one of his pawns almost to Adie’s side of the board to become a queen (do they even do that in sim-chess?), before he somehow checkmated her. I didn’t get a picture, because after he grinned triumphantly and Adie burried her head in her hands, I thought he was about to make his final move, but it turned out he’d already made it, and he just cleared the pieces away.

So Randy and Adie both finally went to bed around mid-day (yes, it was pretty much a 12 hour chess game. I did occationally drag their bladder and energy up slightly just so they could see it through to the end). Meanwhile, Sienna had gone to bed, and got up again to go to work at 9. When she got home, her husband and daughter were both still asleep, so she did a spot of gardening and paid some bills. When I left the lot at six, both Randy and Adie-Makayla were just waking up, so I think I’ll have Sienna invite her brother and/or sister and their kids over for the evening at the start of next rotation.

The Isaiah Gavigans - Isaiah and Gabriella, and their quads: Natalie, Georgie, Belle and Marius.

Whilst it’s incredibly hard work playing the Hollmos immediately followed by Isaiah and Gabriella, it does let me get a handle on their parenting styles. Isaiah and Gabriella, being much better off than Alec and Milly, are far more indulgent. Whilst Alec and Milly’s kids just have an activity table and a xylophone to play with, the quads have access to an activity table, a dolls house, a xylophone, a bunny, a shapesorter, two teddy bears, and a toy box full of toys, currently all strewn all over the yard. Not that it makes all that much difference, since all they seem to want to do is follow their parents around and get underfoot. But I can imagine the Hollmo kids growing up more close knit, since they won’t have a choice but to play with each other, whereas the quads have more chance to do things on their own (they won’t even carry on playing at the dolls house if someone else joins them!)

The quads started the day on the same schedual, so the first round of potty training and bottles was pretty stressful for Isaiah, who did it all by himself since Gabriella had crashed, obviously worn out from four simultaneous grow-ups last rotation. Having quads has forced Isaiah to step up - I was starting to get fed up of his apathy, but there’s no way you can be apathetic when you have quads!

Everyone has locked potty training wants, so that’s guaranteed platinum in two rotations time, but at the moment it’s a bit hit and miss as to how many of those play with parent wants get fulfilled, since we can be sure no one’s got time to teach them to walk and talk, what with their own motives, the dog, and three siblings.

The Hollmos - Alec and Milly, and their four kids: Melia, Johnny, Smith and Lexi.

It’s the start of a brand new rotation in Patience Island, and that means it’s time to play possibly the two most challenging houses in all Patience Island - the Hollmos and the Isaiah Gavigans, which both consist of two adults and four toddlers. Yes, four. Yes, both of them. They’re next-door neighbours, and I confidently expect the kids to grow up as great friends.

First up, the Hollmos. It’s the second of three days where Melia’s toddlerhood overlaps with the triplets, and chaos is the best way to describe it. Milly and Alec have finally got this toddler wrangling thing down to a T, but even so, there was at least one spoilt bottle somewhere in the house all day (and Smith drank one at one point), there were several near-accidents from toddlers who only just made it to the potty on time, a little bit of playing in toilets and splashing in puddles (in a thunderstorm. I got her in sharpish).

But there was also some spontaneous triplet huggles, toddler bathing, co-operation on the activity table, Melia getting potty trained, Mummy/daughter bonding over peek-a-boo, and general toddlers being cute. Tomorrow’s Sunday, and Melia’s birthday, and then after that Milly will have to manage the triplets by herself on Monday and Tuesday, because Alec’s run out of vacation days…

So, it was Finals day at Odds and Ends too, but they had a bit more time than the other households, so that meant Jemimah had time for a date with Steve. They went down to the diner, and promptly fell in love by slow dancing, the very first action they did after arriving. Now they both have engagement wants, but I decided to leave that until next rotation. No need to rush - Steve’s still got four more semesters, and Jemimah’s only just finished her first ever semester!

After an inital mishap with spilt food, they had something to eat, fulfilled a few wants and then wound up with mutual woohoo wants, so Jemimah asked him home, and they became the third couple to have their first woohoo this rotation, so now all four incoming freshmen are virgins no more.

As for the rest of the household, Noah and Sharla both got bullied into working out by the coach, but soon gave up in favour of having dinner, and Electra got a hug off of Marco’s step-mum just before she had her first pop, so now no more morning sickness, and things are looking up for moving in with Mark and Jade once Marco graduates.

In the morning, everyone took their Finals, and Jemimah asked Steve to move in. Marco and Electra both found their own place, so now they’re living in Brothers and Sisters, where Steve previously was. There are four more incoming Freshmen next semester (we’re just hitting the Patience Island baby boom) and Maddox and Mason Hutchins (Marco’s younger brothers) will be moving into Brothers and Sisters with Marco and Electra, whilst Eli Gavigan and Alejandro Newson will be moving into Odds and Ends.

95mmaa replied to your photoset:So, on Peni’s advice, I had Marco and Electra…

Hold on! I don’t see why Electra needs to drop out? Since Marco is graduating before her, move the baby out with Marco, let him raise the baby until Electra graduates and joins him. Marco’s family could help him too.

Because Electra’s a Family Sim with a non-career LTW (Marry off 6 Kids). She didn’t come to Sim State for a degree; she came for Marco. And I really can’t imagine her working towards a degree she never really wanted anyway, when Marco + baby are waiting for her at home.

So, on Peni’s advice, I had Marco and Electra invite over both sets of parents, to talk through their options. I think the current most likely solution is going to be to have Marco and Electra get a residence together next semester, and raise the baby together until Marco graduates, and then for Electra to drop out when he graduates, and the two of them to move in with Marco’s dad and step-mum, which is where I wanted them to end up eventually any way. The original plan (before Electra got pregnant was for Marco to move back in with his parents after he graduated, and then Electra to join them after she graduated (perhaps giving in to her sister’s persuaison to join the sorority in the meantime).

To start with Electra and Jade (Marco’s step-mum and also Electra’s aunt) hit it off well, the conversations seeming to go along the lines that of course it was okay for her and Marco to move in with Jade, Mark and their adopted daughter/Mark’s great-niece, Molly. But then Jade made some joking comment about Electra eventually being the size of an elephant, which got her back up, and so she responded with something along the lines of “and how would you know - you’ve never been pregnant” which I think probably struck a nerve with Jade. If you asked her how many kids she’s got, she’d probably tell you seven - Mark’s five kids from his first marriage (they’ve been married four years, and the kids are all teen and above, but she considers them “hers”), her adopted daughter Jeannie (who’s an adult now, and Jade adopted her when she was a toddler) and Molly (Mark’s late first wife’s niece’s daughter, who lost both her parents in a car crash two years ago, so Jade and Mark adopted her) but Electra’s right; she’s never been pregnant.

When Electra’s parents had arrived, Marco called them all inside for some breakfast. By the looks of the conversations over the pancakes, Jade’s the only one who seemed to have any concerns about Electra possibly dropping out (but then again she could have just been asking for clarification that Marco will get his degree), and everyone else mostly talked about unrelated stuff. Egan and Miriam (Electra’s parents) also had a lengthy debate about the importance of football in their future grandchild’s upbringing. No one mentioned the “B” word.

It’s far from clear where they should go from here, but I think I’ll have Marco and Electra get a residence together next rotation (when Electra’s due) and go from there…

Electra wakes up, and then immediately throws up. It doesn’t take her long to figure out this isn’t due to the food at the diner last night being off. She’s pregnant. Now what does she do?

Jemimah somehow managed not to get photographed all day - I’m afraid she got rather neglected this sub-rotation, but hopefully they’ll be time for her to date Steve next rotation. Noah and Sharla enjoyed a quiet day in their relatively uncomplicated relationship. That said, I’m seeing parallels between Marco and Electra and Electra’s cousin Honor Newson, and her husband Gallagher. They too had their first child when they were still students, and six years later, little Frankie has four younger siblings. If Marco and Electra are Honor and Gallagher (so to speak), that makes Noah and Sharla the Isaiah and Gabriella of this age cohort (relatives/roomates got pregnant young, so they were always really careful with the birth control). As you can’t be expected to remember, Isaiah and Gabriella are now raising toddler quads. So don’t get too complasent, Noah and Sharla!

Right now, it’s time to invite over the parents, and see what they make of Marco and Electra’s news…