A lot of the day at the Creyers was consumed with the recent death of Patrica, Elizabeth and Oliver’s daughter, and Caleb’s mummy. Elizabeth and Oliver were adjusting to having their grandson living with them permanently, and Caleb was adjusting to life without Mummy, and living with his grandparents out in Sand Simoleon Point, rather than in Town.

After breakfast, the welcome wagon, consisting of Mars Eddison, Poppy Wray and Nate Howell arrived. Since Jackie wasn’t there, Mars actually consented to interact with other sims. Nate played piano all day, but Mars and Poppy both bought lemonade from Caleb, as did a social townie whose name I didn’t catch. Mid-afternoon, everyone had naps, and woke again at dusk, ready to go down to the beach.

The Creyer’s house is on the end of one of Sand Simoleon Point’s two waterfronts (if anyone cares to check the picture of the whole neighbourhood, here: http://natteryaktoad.tumblr.com/post/91371782265/the-community-lots-of-sand-simoleon-point-i-might#notes then it’s the red house, centre bottom, next to The Cove) but isn’t itself a beach lot. There’s a path at the back of their garden, which leads down to The Cove, and you know if game mechanics allowed, they’d go this way instead of by the road, and so long as either Elizabeth or Oliver were in the garden, Caleb would be allowed to go down and play on the beach by himself.

So, down to The Cove they went. Caleb decided to build a whole city of sandcastles, and Elizabeth and Oliver serenaded each other, lay down to watch the stars, and then got up to leap into each others arms and classic dance.

Back home, Caleb had berry pie with Granddad, went out back to say goodnight to Mummy, and then went to bed. Oliver and Elizabeth followed suit soon after, so that all three of them could be up and ready for Caleb’s first day and Sand Simoleon Point School in the morning.

The last day of summer should always begin with a family breakfast, and it was no difference at the Hall household. After breakfast, twins Delphine and Pandora both started paintings, whilst parents Cal and Jasmine made plates, and worked out, respectively.

After naps, Pandora tried to invite over Jasmine’s sister’s family, but they wouldn’t come. Instead, the family spent the evening down at their own private beach - swimming in the sea, hot dogs cooked on the grill, and then roasting marshmallows on the campfire.

All in all, a wonderful day to finish off the summer holidays.

The Young family started their day with breakfast, and then siblings Kizzy and Kai got to work playing with cat Kenny and dog Kinzie, whilst their dad Kit started hiring employees for his pub resturaunt, the Ship’s Inn. He’s still looking for someone with enough cooking points to be his chef, but he has a waiter, waitress and bartender sorted.

Kit came home from The Ship’s Inn with a date want, so he and wife Kallie went down to the Cove, where they slow danced for hours, and quickly got locked woohoo wants. However, they were both hungry by this time, so they stopped off at the beach cafe at Eastern Shores, before heading home for desert.

The welcome wagon consisted of Florrie Tucker, and Mars and Jackie Eddison, who, once again, followed each other around the house paying little attention to anyone but each other. After some lunch, Kizzy and Kai headed across the road to the Common, where they met Cerys Parry and a bunch of townies, but, alas, no teens.

The evening was mostly spent motive juggling, but Kai managed to make some plates, and Kizzy stargazed. Kai made the aquaintance of Florrie, who is young, single, and female, all of which sound like huge bonuses to him. Currently, however, he only seems to be rolling wants about his wife, but he’s Romance, and there’s no harm in having options…

The Parry family all started their day by having breakfast together. Olwen’s breakfast was interrupted by Kenny Tucker barging in to shove her for her pre-breakfast telescope use. What was she doing looking through a telescope in the daytime? Isn’t it bad enough that all these people have built ugly modern buildings in his beautiful Sand Simoleon Point, without them all spying on him too?

After breakfast, Gwen went and opened the village shop, and the rest of the family got to work on their hobbies. There’s two robot stations, an easel, a sewing machine and a pottery wheel up in the loft, which caters for Bernard, Olwen and Jocelyn, and then Tristan’s hobby is nature, so he’ll be raking up leaves for compost in the autumn, and planting in the spring. Since it’s the last day of summer, however, he spent his time playing peek-a-boo with his daughter, Bella.

The welcome wagon consisted of Florrie Tucker, and Mars and Jackie Eddison. Florrie interacted with the family, but Mars and Jackie seemed to have just turned up in order to have some time together away from their kids. They spent the whole day following each other around the lot, flirting, telling each other dirty jokes and making out.

When Gwen got back from the Shop, everyone went to bed for naps, and woke up just as evening was falling for dinner, more hobbies, and then going back to bed in the small hours of the morning, to be up and ready for work in the morning. Olwen and her nephew Tristian are both teachers, so they, at least, had to be up bright and early for the first day of school.

Because I had to max motives when setting up the Wray family, there was no urgent pee-eat routine needed when I loaded the household, so twins Daisy and Poppy decided to go out and test Eastern Shores for me. I probably ought to take a proper picture of it, since the picture of Daisy ice skating only shows the cafe itself, and not all the tables on staggered levels to down to the beach, and none of the actual beach itself.

After Eastern Shores, I was going to have them walk across SSP to The Cove, because I remembed I put an invisible fishpond there, and wanted to see if the girls could fish, but of course logically they’d stop off at the Common on the way, and by the time they were done greeting people and freestyling for tips, they needed to go home to eat and sleep.

Their dad Rob wore himself out practicing at his ballet bar, so when the girls got home he also had a nap. Whilst they were all asleep, Felicity got home with a promotion on a chance card. Daisy woke up with a want for a kitten, and I thought “why not?”, so little Buddy was duly adopted.

The rest of the day was mostly filled with piano playing and dancing, as well as playing with the kitten. Daisy also took a call from Jacynth Eddison, whom she met on her rotation, and who obviously seems to think the world of her. They discussed the likelihood of Mars and Jackie, Jacynth’s parents, having more kids. Since they both have baby wants, I’d say there’s a pretty high chance…

The Redfords started their last day of summer with pancakes for breakfast. Afterwards they took a walk over on the Common (which is literally just across the road from them - you can see it in the shot of them eating breakfast, and then the house in the background of the next picture is theirs). There were three teenage boys, all townies, there, and Althea checked out all of them. She double bolts both Alvin Futa and Orlando Centowski, but negative chemistry with Ricky Cormier. Althea is the eldest of the teens in Sand Simoleon Point, and the only boys are four or five years younger than her, so if she wants that Golden Anniversary, it’ll have to be with a townie. I quite like having the idea of having a breedable Orlando Centowski in this hood, since the Patience Island Orlando Centowski is gay.

After the Common, the Redford women headed down to the Cove, to swim, sunbathe, build sandcastles and comb for shells all afternoon. There were a handful of playables here, and each of them got greeted by at least one Redford. Althea met Belinda Tucker, who’s just about to start High School, and wants to join the Book Club, of which Althea is President, so that was a useful meeting.

Back home, and it was still only about midday. Althea made sandwiches for lunch, over which she and Ida had a conversation which looked suspiciously like Ida telling Althea she was adopted… as if she didn’t know!

After lunch, everyone had naps, and then woke again at dusk to make plates (Althea), sew (Amelia) and study (Ida). They all had dinner at about eleven, and then headed off to bed. In the morning, Althea helped herself to leftover pancakes for breakfast, and Ida and Amelia woke up, both having days off, and wants for a date, so that’s their Tuesday sorted.

Jacynth eventually went inside to nap too, and then everyone woke up mid-afternoon, mostly with fairly low fun. Quinn got up and started playing video games, and Jackie soon joined him for a mother-son battle. Isaac went to play peek-a-boo with Isaac (for hours, until their motives really needed attending to, mostly because I’m a sucker for peek-a-boo). Jacynth started a painting, and Dani went upstairs to play on the computer. Reuben sat down to play chess with Mrs Creyer. Her grandson Caleb’s about to start school, in his class, and Reuben assures her he’ll look after him.

The rest of the afternoon/evening passed quietly. Jackie made bass with squash for dinner, which she, Mars and Jacynth ate when she cooked it, and Dani, Quinn and Isaac ate as leftovers later. Reuben decided he’d rather bake himself a muffin, and eat it alone in the formal dining room. Because it’s much more sophisticated that way. Reuben’s definitely my favourite (but then his name has biased me towards him, since I know an adorable four-year-old called Reuben.

After that, it was off to bed for everyone (apart from Aaron, who perfered to sit at the foot of his parents’ bed), so they were all rested and ready for the first day of school tomorrow.

Having decided to leave Patience Island and all its problems for now, I have returned to my new Sand Simoleon Point, and the Eddison family.

After the urgent tending to of the bladder motive, Mars, Jackie + 6 kids all sat down to a family breakfast. Reuben holds forth about how Benny the Freezer Bunny is getting a movie. Aaron listens intently whilst shoveling mush into his face.

Then the kids got down to the serious business of making friends with each other - Dani and Reuben, and Isaac and Quinn, since they all had matching wants. Mars played with Aaron, Jackie went outside to fish, and Jacynth went out to greet the welcome wagon, which consisted of Daisy Wray and Elizabeth Creyer. Elizabeth went upstairs to play chess, and Jacynth took Daisy outside to play some football, just as Mars left for work.

So, I finally managed to get my missing Kiera Rooke back (by a very lengthly process, but which was slightly less bother than reinstalling from the last backup and re-playing 18 households to get to the point I was last at, and… Kiera’s niece JoJo has now disappeared!

I’m am this close to giving up with this neighbourhood, except for the fact that it’s the first one I ever seriously played, and I’ve been playing it for near on three years, and there are so many unfinished stories here - Electra’s baby, the Orlando-Ifran-Maliha-Jeannie artificial insemination story, whether Cassidy Ibori will ever leave Kibwe, rebellions from Ryanne Ruben and Kyle Long-Tomlin, whether Casey will ever find out that Aadyn’s his dad, Holly and Jay’s ongoing affair, Taegan’s baby (the first alien to have a child)…

I guess what I’m trying to say is I just need someone to hold my hand and tell me it’s going to all be okay, because I am so frustrated/depressed/terrified/fed up/etc right now…