At the Friend’s, Steve didn’t have to work until the afternoon, so he spent the morning playing the piano, whilst Orla was at work, and the boys were at school. Then he headed off to work, around the same time Silas came back from school with Kizzy Young in tow. He put her into a causal group, and then the two of them went down the hill to Eastern Shores for football and lunch. Then Silas had to head home to nap.

Orla and Thad got home at the same time, and whilst Thad headed upstairs to nap, Orla decided to invite household on her sister Jasmine, and have a barbeque. She made hamburgers on the grill, and she, Jasmine, Cal, and the twins Delphine and Pandora, all got some food, as well as Silas when he woke up from his nap. The boys were just starting to play with their cousins when Jasmine and Cal both decided it was late, and each took a twin home. Oh well - just have to start the gathering earlier next time.

The rest of the evening and night was a quiet one - Orla got on top of the cleaning (no mean feet in a house with six floors and four bathrooms), Steve came home from work with just enough energy to tend to his other needs before bed, Silas cleaned up from the barbeque and played some pool before bed, and Thad jumped rope in the middle of the kitchen.

Sam Tucker woke up late, not having to work until 9pm, and wanting a date and a woohoo. He only has one bolt with Poppy Wray, but that’s as much as he has with anyone right now, and they’re already good friends, so that gave him a bit of a headstart.

He took her down to the Cove, and they got the date of to a good start, tickling each other, telling jokes, flirting and slow dancing. Eventually, however, they got stuck behind eat out wants, so Sam took her across town to The Ship’s Inn… where the eat out wants promptly rolled away to be replaced with firt, appreciate, hug and kiss wants. That’ll do.

After their first makeout, they still weren’t quite at the woohoo point, so Sam took her home, where, after getting in and out of the hot tub several times, they finally rolled woohoo wants… and the game wouldn’t let them woohoo. Anywhere.

I think it was probably because, although Poppy was in love with Sam, he wasn’t in love with her, since he fell in love with her during the date-ending kiss.

Oh well. Next time.

The rest of Sam’s day was very un-photogenic - lunch, nap, work, dinner, and then he finally rolled into bed at about 5am.

Logan and Nate both had to work today, so until 3pm, I was sat watching their dog, Terry. Who peed on the floor, because no one was there to tell him not too. Then Nate got back at three with a promotion, made himself a sandwich, and then headed to bed about the same time Logan got home, and also went to bed.

When the boys woke up, Logan wanted to befriend Florrie Tucker, so he invited her over and followed her around and told her jokes, tickled her, and admired her. All totally platonically. She brought her “friend” (I can’t recall them ever having met) Jan Tellerman along, and she sat and watched the cooking channel with Nate, who wanted a skill point. No bolts, though. Nate didn’t seem particuallary inclined to get his first woohoo with Logan’s sister Iris, so I let it slide. Maybe he just doesn’t want to do it in the same building as his housemate…

The boys both headed to bed around midnight, so they were up bright and early and ready for work the next day.

Cerys Parry was the last in the household to go to work, and she broke the sink just before she left, so by the time Iris got home from work there was a flood in the kitchen. She repaired the sink, but left the mopping up to Cerys. When she woke up, Iris called Nate Howell, and asked him on a second date. Since she was hungry, they went to the Ship’s Inn, and as soon as they had a safe number of hours on the date metre it was time for dinner.

After dinner, Iris tried to talk Nate up to a mutual woohoo want, but they’re still not good enough friends to get to the makeout stage. Next time, for sure.

When she got home, Iris had a second dinner with a co-worker, and Cerys headed out on a date, her third date with townie Brandon Lillard. They also went to The Ship’s Inn, because Cerys was also hungry. But, unlike Iris and Cerys’ cousin Nate, Cerys and Brandon did manage to get to the woohoo point.

I feel like I’ve neglected Florrie today, but she’s so easy to please - she likes working, studying for promotions, playing chess and gardening. None of which are particularly photogenic. And she’s not too fussed about realtionships, so if Logan Wray wants to date her, he’ll have to work at it from his end.

Elizabeth Creyer spent the morning home alone whilst her husband was at work in Town, and her grandson was at school over on Sand Road. She wanted a cleaning point, which I let her study for when cleaning the bathroom and raking leaves in the garden didn’t get it for her. Then she wanted to buy new clothes, so she went to the Shop and bought Caleb something more seasonally appropriate, because it’s soon going to be far too cold for shorts and sandals.

Back home, she took a nap, and was still asleep when Caleb got back from school, and headed off to bed too. Oliver got home to find both of them still sleeping, and set to work getting his fun up by playing the piano. In real life, he would’ve woken them both up pronto - Caleb’s room joins to this by the wall that the piano’s on, and the master bedroom isn’t far away - but of course this is sims, and the prescence of walls seems to immediately soundproof, except in apartments.

When Elizabeth woke up, she got leftovers out for dinner for her and Oliver, but Caleb wasn’t hungry, so he played some video games to get his fun up so he could have a go at his homework. After that, Oliver got the charisma point he needs for promotion, and Elizabeth and Caleb made friends over jokes and red hands. Then it was bed for everyone, ready for work and school tomorrow.

It was a fairly boring day at the Halls, followed by a more interesting evening. Jasmine, Delphine and Pandora all headed out to school, and Cal spent his morning gaining a bronze pottery badge, before he too had to go to work. When Jasmine and the twins got home, it was naps all round, and then Pandora got on with her homework by herself (Daddy having taught her to study yesterday), and Delphine asked Mummy for some help.

After homework, Jasmine promised to take the girls out for dinner, but she had to shower first, so whilst they were waiting Pandora played video games and Delphine watched. Then they walked down to the Ship’s Inn, where they all had dinner and Pandora tried to persuade Jasmine that, at eight, she’s not too young to wear a bit of makeup every now and again. I’m not sure Jasmine’s going to be that easily persuaded, Pan…

Back home, and Cal had got home from work and got himself dinner. When Jasmine and the twins got home, he was in need of bed, and a fun and social boost, so Delphine played red hands with him, and then went to bed too. Pandora played chess with Reuben Eddison, whom she’d brought home from school, until his dad Mars came to pick him up, and then she went to bed too. Jasmine was the last to get to bed, after playing the piano to get her fun up, and a second dinner of leftover spaghetti.

At the Youngs, Kallie had the day off, and Kit didn’t necessarily need to open the Ship’s Inn (there’s the cafe at Eastern Shores if people are hungry), so whilst the kids headed off for school, Kit proceeded to ask Kallie on a date. Due to external reasons, I couldn’t take them out anywhere, but it’s not like they needed to go out. Kit had been wanting to woohoo in the closet for a while now, so he easily persauded Kallie, and then they talked themselves into Round Two in the car.

And then there were chimes.

Kit and Kallie are both in their forties. They have a fifteen year old daughter and a twelve year old son (not to mention Kit’s illigitimate son, Caleb Creyer) - the last thing they need right now is a baby, but they’ll deal.

Of course, for now, the two of them are blissfully unaware, so they finished their date up with Round Three in bed, just as the school bus pulled up. Kizzy and Kai were both in need of naps, so for awhile the house was all quite. Then people started waking up, and whilst Kallie dealt with her mysteriously plummeting hunger and Kit washed the dog, the teens decided to go out to the Play Park, and see if they could find more teens. They couldn’t, but they did find a garden club member (Katy McSomething?) who played kicky bag with them, which helped get they fun and social up. Then it was home for dinner, stargazing, toilet cleaning, homework and bed.

Let’s just wait until next rotation when Kallie suggests Kaleb for the baby…

At the Parry’s, Bernard, Olwen, Tristan and Jocelyn all had to work, leaving Grandma Gwen home alone with Bella, with no chance of opening the Shop today. Of course, in real life, she would’ve just taken Bella with her (because you can be sure that’s what she did with Tristan and Cerys and Nate when they were little), but oh well…

Whilst dealing with Bella’s bladder need, she got potty trained, so she won’t need as much adult attention for the last couple of days of her toddlerhood. Gwen also got started on teaching her to talk, of course starting with the most important words…

As soon as everyone started getting home from work, it was naptime for the whole household, Jocelyn was the last, having gone to work in her scrubs but somehow returning in her everyday clothes, which weren’t exactly suitable for a doctor, and then there was quiet in the house for a few hours, until everyone started waking up again.

Bernard went outside and stargazed, Gwen and Tristian got on top of the garden, Olwen got herself a charisma point, and Jocelyn finished up teaching Bella to talk, so that’s two out of three toddler skills in one day. Then it was time for dinner, and back to bed.

I think I’m probably finding the Wray’s the most boring family to play in Sand Simoleon Point, and I’m still trying to decide how to make them more interesting (a baby would probably do it, but goodness knows who from!) So: boring day.

Only Poppy had to go to work, and she consequently avoided being in any photos. Meanwhile, Felicity got on top of the gardening, Rob worked out, and Daisy phoned co-worker Brandon Lillard, and befriended him. Then, being a Popularity Sim, she wanted to meet someone new, so she went down to Eastern Shores, where the only person who would stand still long enough to be greeted was David Ottomas. Who probably should be in school.

Back home, not much happened. I think everyone (except perhaps Daisy) played the piano at some point, the garden got raked, and Rob made dinner. Poppy woke up from her post work nap, wanting to go on a date, but the only person she’s got chemistry with is Sam Tucker, and he was at work, so that will have to wait for another day…

Ida Redford had the day off, and so whilst her wife and daughter went to work and school, she set to work watering the flowers on her parents-in-law’s graves. Her father-in-law Geoffrey was not a happy ghost when he haunted last night, so maybe this will placate him. She also greeted next-door-neighbour Kit Young on a walkby, thus fulfilling her “meet someone new” want, and then set to work getting her last body point, before heading upstairs for a nap about the same time Althea got home from school.

After been spooked by her grandfather in the early hours of the morning, Althea had been in near-aspiration failure all day. But she wanted to make friends with Orlando Centowski, with whom she double-bolts, and a date would be an easy way to platinum, so she met him down at Eastern Shores.

They got off to a good start, talking about what happened on the bus that afternoon, but before they’d even got past platonic interactions, Althea had to address her pressing hunger need. So they got seated, both ordered spahetti, and then, when Althea didn’t start eating hers the split-second the waitress set it down, Tosha Go walked over and stole it! I was so outraged I had to pause the game for several minutes before I could press play again and try and get Althea her dinner back, but with no luck. So Althea had to end the date and head home to get something to eat. Thanks, Tosha, for ruining that date…

Back home, Ida served up burnt pork chops, which were not a patch on the spaghetti Althea should’ve been eating…

Amelia got home from work and earnt the three charisma points she needs for her next promotion. Ida and Althea both did some gardening, and Althea did her homework too. By midnight, everyone was in bed, getting rested ready for tomorrow.