And the rest of the day.

Silas got home from school and promptly left again, taking a walk down to the Common, where he missed out on greeting both his Aunt Jasmine, and newcomer Gavin Newson, in favour of paying lots of attention to Belinda-Next-Door. Who doesn’t like him, had a bad conversation with him, and then threw balls at his head.

Everyone had afternoon naps, and then played the piano, played pool, did homework, built towers with bricks, and ate dinner. As the evening wore on, first Thad, then Silas, then Steve went to bed. Orla was the last one to get to sleep, around 2am, after heading upstairs to dispose of the burnt and fly-ridden berry pie…

The drama of the day came after Steve and Orla had got back from their date, and Steve had gone for a nap, when Orla decided to work on the stock for the future bakery, in the old lighthouse tower, which is on the third floor. And set a berry pie on fire. At which point I realised that although there was a smoke alarm in the proper kitchen downstairs, there wasn’t one in the bakery kitchen. Cue about an hour of trying to force Orla down into the study on the next floor, when all she really wanted to do was panic. We got their eventually, just as the high school bus pulled up, which then meant the firefighter had to fight with Silas for the stairs, since he wanted to go put his homework on his brother’s desk.

In the end, everyone lived, although Orla’s motives and the berry pie had seen better days…

Silas and Thad Friend spent the hour between me opening their household and the school bus arriving baking themselves breakfast (Thad), and chatting online to fellow book club member (Silas). Then they were off on the school bus, and their parents, who both had days off, decided to walk down the hill to the Ship’s Inn for breakfast. Orla asked Steve on a date, but due to the time it took to eat, it only ended up being a good date, and then they headed back up home to the Old Lighthouse on the Point.

Whilst his housemate Logan Wray had to work, Nate Howell had Tuesday off, and he woke up wanting to date Sandy Brunty, even though he’d just dated Logan’s sister Iris on her rotation. Romance sims - what can you do? So he took her down to the Cove, and alternated filling his own wants with asking Sandy what she wanted, which worked well for him, and it reached dream date with them barely moving from the same spot on the beach. By this time Nate was getting hungry, but neither he nor Sandy had eat out wants, so he took her home and made toaster pasteries instead.

When she’d left, Nate went upstairs for a nap, and Logan followed suit as soon as he got home from work. Nate spent his evening gardening, and washing the dog. Logan spent his evening painting, and calling Florrie Tucker.

And then they both sat down to dinner, and discussed Logan’s lack of cooking skills…

Sam Tucker started his day with a phone call to Poppy Wray, with whom he wanted to make friends. Despite them both being Romance (or perhaps Poppy’s Pleasure - I can’t remember), it’s a purely platonic friendship. For now. They made friends over the phone call, and then, after he’d taken care of some gardening, Sam created a social group consisting of just him and Poppy, and took her out for lunch at the Ship’s Inn, which is right next door to him (but the game mechanics still made him take the car… sigh).

Back home, and Sam started jamming on the drums, and asked Poppy to join him. She played bass very out of time, but Sam didn’t seem to care. She carried on playing after he went next-door for a nap, and even after he went to work, and only left when Sam got home from work and went for a soak in the hot tub.

After a bit of relaxing, Sam headed into the garage, to start work on fixing up his junk care. Sure, he already has one car, but if he can afford another, why not? After that, he collapsed into bed around dawn.

When Florrie Tucker woke up mid-morning, having been on the night shift, she found both her housemates had already left for work, and she was home alone. She’s still multiple skill points away from promotion, and so went into the garden to play chess. She spent most of the day securing an aditional skill point, and then, just as she was heading up to bed for a nap before work, her parents showed up for a visit! So she let them in, and then went up to bed anyway - gotta be rested for work, parents or no parents.

Iris got home from work with a want for a date, so she went out with Nate Howell, who’s housemate Cerys’ cousin, and I took them out to test The Ship’s Inn from a customer’s point of view. It worked pretty well, except Kit insisted on reassigning all his employees every five minutes, meaning it was the bartender who ended up cooking Iris and Nate’s food, hence the burnt cake Iris ended up eating. Because of all the time it took them to eat, the date only got to Good, but that was Good enough for Iris.

What is it with dated sims following their dates home? Cerys’ date Brandon Lillard did it last rotation, and today Iris had barely walked through the door when Nate let himself in. Florrie got home from work with a promotion on a chance card, and Cerys’ sister-in-law Jocelyn, also training to be a doctor. Since Florrie has now been promoted to GP well above her skill level, story wise this means she’s on a General Practice rotation within her medical training.

At the Creyers, Elizabeth spent a quiet morning at home whilst her husband and grandson were at work and school. She did some cleaning, took a nap, and then woke up to a phone call from Jacynth Eddison, who’d just got home from school with some difficult maths homework, and her parents are busy, and did Mrs Creyer think she might be able to help? Jacynth I think is feeling the strain of being the eldest of six kids, and has made friends with several grown-ups who she’s not related too, so whilst I would usually find it weird for a teen to call an unrelated adult for homework help, this made perfect sense in Jacynth’s case.

Elizabeth got off the phone about the time Caleb got home from school, with Jacynth’s little brother Reuben in tow. Elizabeth was part of the welcome wagon on the first day at the Eddison’s, and played a lengthy chess game with Reuben, telling him how her grandson Caleb was just about to start Y2 with Reuben, and would he be his friend, and Reuben seems to have taken it to heart. The boys played cops and robbers on the front porch, and when Caleb had to go inside to nap, Elizabeth took over entertaining the guest.

Oliver returned from work and also had a nap, getting up about the same time as Caleb and making dinner for his grandson and his grandson’s friend, whilst Elizabeth studied, since she wasn’t hungry yet. The topic of conversation over dinner seemed to be Caleb’s recently deceased mother, who hasn’t haunted yet.

After dinner, Reuben headed home, and Caleb asked his granddad to help him with his homework, and then everyone headed to bed.

As of today, the Hall’s hold the record for the most photographically boring day in the (admittedly rather short) history of Sand Simoleon Point. They went to school/work, napped, had dinner, and went back to bed, basically…

Whilst Jasmine, Delphine and Pandora all headed over to school (you know if the coding let them they would’ve all walked down the road rather than getting the carpool/bus), and since Cal did start work until 1, he spent his morning making plates. In his pyjamas. Because why would he bother getting dressed when he’d only have to get changed out of the clay bespattered clothes before work anyway?

When Jasmine and the twins returned from school, they all went upstairs for naps, and then when they woke up about the same time Cal returned from work, Jasmine made spaghetti for dinner, and they all sat down to eat together. After dinner, Cal was pretty much dead on his feet, but he just about managed to stay awake long enough to help Pandora with her homework. Dephine didn’t have any - apparently brainstorming ideas for her science project was homework enough. Which makes no sense when the girls are twins, in a 0.5 formentry school, but oh well…

Pandora and Cal both went to bed after homework. Delphine painted and then went to bed. Jasmine worked out on the back patio and then went to bed. In the morning, everyone was up ready for work and school, and Pandora even had time to finish off her painting before the school bus pulled up.

Sand Simoleon Point, when I started playing it, about six weeks ago, and now.

I wanted the town to be fully built-up, but couldn’t wait that long to play, so I’ve been building one house, then playing one day, building one house, then playing one day…

At the end of this, the second rotation, I shall start playing the new family in town, the Ottomai, who are fostering the Newsons. Can someone day chaos? (Their house is towards the middle left of the picture, behind the Manor, with it’s plumbob mostly obsuring the Village Hall, and just touching St Mary’s Church.