The Rooke’s: Joseph I, his older daugher Adah, her girlfriend Mallory, Joseph’s son Joseph II, and his girlfriend Keira.

Joseph Rooke (Fortune/Pleasure)was the oldest of five children, the only boy, and the heir to his parents babycare empire. He married Johannah Tomlin right after she graduated college, and they had three children: Adah Johannah Suzanna (Romance/Pleasure), Maria Sarah Grace (Fortune/Pleasure) and Joseph Abraham Benjamin II (Knowledge/Romance). They discovered things weren’t working when the girls were children and Joseph was a toddler, and she started a relationship with Jack James, so they split up. Joseph has continued building up his parents business, and raising his three kids single-handedly.

Eldest daughter Adah had a rocky teenhood. Conflicted over her sexuality, she decided to prove to the girls at school who called her a lesbian that she wasn’t by sleeping with the hottest boy in school, Abhijeet Turner. Who then got her pregnant. Her father really wanted her to go to University, so he said he’d look after her son, Aaron (Romance) whilst she went to Sim State. Whilst in college, Mallory Collins (Fortune/Pleasure) made her face up to her sexuality and come to terms with who she was. They’re a pretty stable couple, despite Adah being Romance.

When Aaron grew to child, he started bonding with his dad, and, just after turning teen, he decided he wanted to go and live with Abhijeet, his step-mum Josette and his baby sister Eliya.

Middle child Maria lives across town with her husband, Ty Bubbler.

Youngest and only boy (and therefore heir) Joseph II has felt the pressure to marry and produce a son since he was little. He didn’t date in college, although he did feel somewhat attracted to Gabriella Newson, but she was going out with Isaiah Gavigan, so that was that. (Although, if Isaiah decided that he’d rather be with Joseph’s sister, Maria, who he triple bolts, I would have pushed Joseph towards Gabriella). But, when he met Keira Caplan (Family) he was blown away by her (triple bolts!)

Today, Joseph II invited Keira over, dated her to their first woohoo and then asked her to move in. She wants to get engaged and married to him, he doesn’t (yet), but if he doesn’t roll the want soon I’ll have him propose anyway - he knows what the expectation is.

In the morning, Mallory finally had a want for a date, so I got her to date Adah in the kitchen. Adah’s had a stuck woohoo want for a while, whereas Mallory will only roll wants for work and skills, and it was getting to the point where I was going to let Adah go out and make some lesbian townies, but it appears all is good now.

Joseph II sold some cars, and then opened the family business, with his dad running the register for him. Joseph I pottered around, cleaning up, painting, and helping his son down in the shop. Adah made friends with Kiera, like she wanted. And then wanted to flirt with her. Um, no, Adah, just no.

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